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McKee Mechanical

McKee Mechanical is a plumbing and fire sprinkler company. We’ve been proudly serving the Kern County area since 2015 and we specialize in all phases of new construction, remodels, and service work. From minor leaks to major mishaps in both residential and commercial properties, we can fix all your plumbing problems. McKee Mechanical has created longstanding, trusting relationships with clients throughout Kern County. Give us a call today.



From Underground To Faucets


McKee Mechanical specializes in each phase of new construction plumbing. With over 30+ years of new construction experience, we're able to apply our talents from tract home work, to custom homes. Some of our building partners are Lennar Homes, Soper Homes, Delfino Homes, RGF Properties and many more.


McKee Mechanical's Service & Repair team is ready and capable of handling any issue you may have. From sewer repairs to leaking faucets, we have the team and the equipment to tackle any challenge. Call us today or click HERE to schedule an appointment.


Are you looking for a quality plumbing contractor to help remodel your home or building? Look no further. McKee Mechanical's experienced plumbers can help you turn that frustrating project into one you can be proud of. 

"..McKee Mechanical plumbers are so caring and professional. They inspected what was wrong with my fire sprinklers and fixed it in an hour. They are helpful and know what they are doing. Thank you for a job well done."

Mary Oconer


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